Aquafighter Fuel Management

Aquafighter® Fuel Quality Management

Aquafighter® is, by a wide margin; the most effective, efficient, affordable and green solution for purifying fuel, preserving fuel quality and maintaining a clean tank at all times for continuous-use generators as well as intermittent-use back-up generators.

By keeping Aquafighter® active in the fuel tank you can assure a constant supply of purified fuel for storage tanks & day tanks as well as prevent bacteria growth, corrosion, power loss, equipment failure and other damage that water causes the tank, the pump, the fuel system and the engine.

Aquafighter® captures and secures free water. In addition to purifying the fuel by de-emulsification, Aquafighter® also captures and neutralizes free water that accumulates at the bottom of the tank. Just like emulsified water that hides inside the fuel and sneaks through the fuel filters; free water causes bacteria growth, tank corrosion and re-emulsification as fuel will emulsify with free water over time.

Aquafighter® offers solutions for all sizes of generators and fuel tanks as well as for heavy-use generators and for back-up generators with infrequent use. Solutions range from simple DIY installation to professional solutions. Aquafighter® is also a more effective, less expensive and significantly more efficient replacement for expensive polishing equipment as well as a compliment to existing polishing machines to reduce filter usage, tank cleaning and the high upkeep costs of the current polishing system.

Michael Barker of GenServe explains, “With Aquafighter® being a simple and cost-effective way of eliminating water in diesel tanks; we are excited to bring this single complete solution to an industry that has always relied on constantly replacing filter after filter, dealing with regular repairs due to moisture wear and using many and often dangerous additives and biocides. Whether using in tandem with or in lieu of polishing systems, Aquafighter® greatly reduces the cost of maintenance and material costs associated with generator operation while also keeping pure fuel consistently powering the engine at peak performance.”

When compared to fuel additives; the non-toxic and safe-to-handle Aquafighter® technology differs from de-emulsifying chemical additives in that it doesn’t add anything to the fuel and it doesn’t force water to accumulate at the bottom of the tank where it grows bacteria, corrodes the tank and eventually re-emulsifies back into the fuel. Aquafighter® is also different from emulsifying additives that force water to mix with the fuel so that it will pass through filters, water separators and the fuel system to burn in the engine where there is potential of heavy damage and certainty of unnecessary wear damage. Aquafighter® simply gets the water out and keeps it out assuring high-quality fuel and ending the risk of bacteria growth, corrosion and re-emulsification of water back into the fuel.

Per Jahnsrud, inventor of Aquafighter®, “Other solutions only solve a part of the problem and often cause further problems by pushing water to the bottom of the fuel tank, sneaking water through filters and into the engine or doing a poor job of properly cleaning the fuel and the tank. Aquafighter® on the other hand, is able to completely and safely extract all water from the fuel and the tank without any side-effects. Aquafighter® is the solution that allows every diesel operator to maintain excellent fuel and a clean tank for a lifetime.

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Aquafighter® Generator Fuel Solutions

The problem points for generator diesel tanks are the following: 

  • Water from the fuel delivery
  • Water/Condensation through the vent pipe (water vapor from the outside air)
  • Leaks through tank or openings
  • Bacteria growth in tank
  • Dirt and bacteria particles from fuel delivery

From Storage Tanks to Day Tanks to Small Diesel MachinesAquafighter® keeps your fuel “Clear & Bright” 24/7/365 and reduces maintenance to simple monitoring bottom fuel and changing your Aquafighter® filter periodically, when full.

Aquafighter® is simply placed at the bottom of the fuel tank. While it is active in the tank it will keep the fuel pure and the tank dry until it’s full. When it’s full, it’s removed along with all the water that was in the fuel and the tank since it was installed.

Aquafighter® vs Fuel Polishing Machines

  • Aquafighter® removes water to less than 65ppm with 100% efficiency.  The best fuel polishing machines remove water to less than 200ppm, less than 100% of the time.
  • Aquafighter® removes water in diesel fuel directly in the tank.  Fuel polishing machines must remove the fuel from the tank to try to remove the water. 
  • Aquafighter® extracts water from fuel before the water can create bacteria, microbes, corrosion, filter clogs, engine trouble or any other problems.  Polishing machines must wait for these problems to develop before they are useful.
  • Aquafighter® is a cure and a preventative solution for water in diesel fuel and fuel tanks.  Fuel polishing machines are purely a reactive treatment for a few of the symptoms created by water in the fuel and the fuel tank.
  • Aquafighter® is much more affordable than the purchase of a fuel polishing machine, the operation of a fuel polishing machine as well as the upkeep and maintenance of a fuel polishing machine.
  • Aquafighter® induces the separation of water from fuel at the molecular level while fuel polishing machines must physically rip the water away from the fuel which requires several steps, many filters and a lot of energy.
  • Aquafighter® requires few resources to accomplish significantly better water removal than fuel polishing machines which require significant installation, power to operate, a constant replacement of deposable filters & gadgets as well as a large amount of set up and operation costs.
  • Aquafighter® does not emulsify water into your fuel like some additives.  (Emulsifiers are designed to absorb water into your fuel and sneak it through fuel filters and water separators and into your engine in small doses. 

This makes Aquafighter® clearly and by far more effective, more efficient, less resource intensive, less expensive and an actual green solution

Aquafighter® is revolutionizing generator maintenance by purifying fuel, preserving fuel quality & a clean tank at all times with simple installation & control.

Aquafighter® removes all water from fuel directly in the tank with 100% efficiency to less than 65ppm water.

**Spec fuel in Europe is 200ppm and the high standard for expensive fuel polishing machines is 92% efficiency to under 200ppm.  (Reference: SAE J1488_201010)

No other solution has the effectiveness, efficiency and the ability to clean fuel and keep tanks water-free directly in the tank like Aquafighter®.       

See the proof and try it for yourself.