Retrofits & Upgrades

Achieve New Equipment Performance with a System Retrofit or Upgrade

Advances in technology have expanded the options available to automate the operations and monitoring of your entire emergency power system. These advances have created a variety of upgrades that can make the transfer of power and maintenance of your backup generator so easy, you don’t have to think about it.

Why choose retrofit or upgrade instead of replacement?

  • Reduce in downtime
  • Improve equipment safety
  • Reduce rental fees and construction cost
  • Improve system flexibility and reliability
  • Maximize power consumption efficiency
  • Fully integrated monitoring for improved maintenance

Our emergency generator control panel upgrades include Generator, Switchgear and PLC complete retrofit or upgrade which break down into:

  • Removing old, non-supported switchgear equipment and analog controls and replacing with digital control systems
  • Improved Building Automation System integration through full SCADA integration with discrete signals or industry-accepted Modbus communication
  • Replacing OEM / proprietary controls with common control systems
  • Scalable controls for future system modifications
We can also supply all aspects of new switchgear from design to manufacturing and installation.
Analog Controls

Analog Controls

touchscreen generator control display

Digital Controls Upgrade

We Support All PLC & Control Brands