Generator Sales & Installations

A Better Emergency Generator Experience

Having backup power when you need it is not a luxury for most industries, it is a necessity. When you are working on a new construction project, you need to know the company providing the equipment is worthy of both your trust, and your client’s. That is why we offer a better emergency generator sales experience.

Custom Backup Power Solutions for Any Project

When you’re drawing up plans and submitting bids for an upcoming project, you want to offer the best equipment there is. You also want to be sure you work with a company that offers a wide range of emergency generators, to ensure they will have the right size unit, no matter how the project plans may change.

That is why many electrical contractors choose to work with GenServe. Our sales and installation teams can provide expert recommendations based on your specific budget and the size constraints of your project. They can also recommend alternate solutions if the backup generator in the original plans proves to not be the best option.

Emergency Generators from the Top Manufacturers

At GenServe, we take great pride in being able to offer the generator that is the best suited for your project. Because we do not have exclusive arrangements with any one manufacturer, we can assess your project with you and suggest the emergency generator that is best suited for your facility’s needs. We work with the top manufacturers in the country, including:

At GenServe, we provide a better experience by:

  • Collaborating with you to provide a solution tailored to your specific budget and size specifications.
  • Working with top manufacturers to offer the best solutions and equipment, without exclusive partnerships restricting or influencing our recommendations.
  • Offering the equipment you need with shorter lead times and more affordable prices.

New and Used Diesel Generators and Natural Gas Generators

If you have a tight budget or turnaround time, limited space on-site, or another specific need or concern when planning your project, let us know. We have both new and used commercial generators available for purchase to be sure there is an affordable solution for your facility. In addition to diesel generators, we offer natural gas generators in a range of sizes and configurations. Because these generators derive fuel from a natural gas line, it is not necessary to store fuel onsite.