What preparations should I make, and when should I make them?

Prepare now: schedule routine maintenance when it’s time. Order spare parts to keep around such as: air filter, oil filter, a filter wrench, a set of pliers and proper oil.

What should I do during a severe weather event when my generator has been running constantly?

Steps to keep your generator running properly:

  • Turn the generator off at the generator (on/off switch)
  • Let the engine cool 10-15 minutes
  • Check the oil level (use the dip-stick just like your car)
  • Add oil if necessary and check the level to fill proper amount (again, use the dip-stick to do this)
  • Turn the generator back to AUTO at the generator (on/off switch) and it should automatically start running
  • If you turn the generator to ON and not AUTO, when power is restored, the generator will keep running continuously without shutting off automatically

How often should I check the oil if I have an air cooled generator? (One with no radiator)

Daily (follow the steps to keep your generator running properly)

How often should I check the oil if I have a generator that has a radiator? (Not air cooled)

Every 72 hours (3 days) (follow the steps to keep your generator running properly)

If my generator is running for an extended length of time when should I get the oil and oil filter changed?

Change your oil filter after 100 hours if it is an air cooled unit. (No radiator)
Change your oil filter after 250 hours if it has a radiator. (Not air cooled)

Can I damage the generator if I turn it off while it is running during an extended weather event?

No; In fact we recommend that if you are leaving your house during an outage turn your generator off.

Helpful hint: 1 hour before you plan to leave, turn up your thermostat if during cold month’s (or turn down during the warmer months) and turn your refrigerator to the coolest setting. These steps will keep your house warmer/cooler and keep your food safe while you are out. (Just remember to set them back to ‘normal’ settings when done.)

Helpful hint: Use the same suggestion above at nighttime when you turn in if possible.

When my generator has been running during an extended outage my ‘service generator’ indicator light comes on. Should I be concerned about that?

Just like your car, the service engine light goes on at factory preset service interval hours. So for example if it is set to go on at 100 hours and the outage started while it was at 89 hours and you pass the 100 hour timeframe your indicator light will most likely illuminate. There is nothing to worry about. If your generator is still running and you follow the Steps to keep your generator running properly.