Fuel Systems


Fuel Polishing

Over time, free and emulsified water, micro-organisms, organic and non-organic contaminants, and sludge build up in the fuel tank. This foreign matter can clog filters, reduce engine performance, create carbon deposits, cause incomplete combustion and loss of power, and simply wear down fuel system components. Fuel polishing removes these contaminants from the bottom of the tank and adds a fuel catalyst. The fuel is then circulated through a fuel conditioner and a series of filters that will clean and restore the fuel to a clear and bright condition — saving you fuel costs and ensuring the generator engine will operate efficiently at a moment’s notice.

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Fuel Testing

GenServe’s fuel testing provides ASTM standards required by NFPA 110 Chapter 8. A written report is forwarded to our clients upon completion of the testing.

Emergency Fueling Options

With GenServe’s emergency fuel options, our customers are assured that their facility will never be without fuel during weather-related or other emergency incidents.

Rental Tanks

GenServe’s network of equipment providers allows access to rental fuel tanks to augment an adequate supply of fuel at any time.