Generator Maintenance

Why Generator Maintenance Matters

Over time, your generator can develop issues that could prevent it from operating in an emergency. Scheduling regular service with GenServe can help you to address these and other issues that could affect the performance and operation of your commercial generators.

At GenServe, we consider generator maintenance the most important thing we offer. Our technicians are trained to conduct a 105-point inspection of your system and perform maintenance in adherence with NFPA 110 guidelines. This enables us to make the best recommendations for your system and keep it in compliance with local code requirements.

Learn more about our maintenance below, or explore our upgrades to maximize the efficiency of your backup power source.

Commercial Generator Maintenance Types

Coolant System Service

Electrical Checks

Building Load Tests

Rental Gen Hookup and Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance / Service Plans (Yearly, Semi-Annual, Quarterly & Custom)

• Minor Service:

Performed as needed (monthly, quarterly or semi-annually). Depending on the industry and type of facility being operated.    

The minor service covers the following important checks and inspections:

Air Filter
Cooling System
Fan Belts
Block Heater
Flex Connections
Battery Charger
Governor Linkage
Engine Oil
Day Tank
Fuel System
Light Bulbs
Coolant, Oil, Fuel or Exhaust Leaks

• Building Load Test:

Performed as needed (monthly, quarterly or semi-annually). Depending on the industry and type of facility being operated.   

The technician will manually shut off utility power to the facility signaling the transfer switch to run the generator automatically testing operation during an emergency.

• Major Service:

Typically performed annually or as operating hours require it.  This service includes everything covered by the minor service and a complete change of lubricating   oil and oil filters with spark plug and coil inspection.

• Load Bank Test:

Performed as needed (typically yearly or every three years).

A load bank can be used to test the system’s ability to generate power and maintain voltage and current levels within specified limits verifying that the system is capable of supplying the power   required to run a business or facility during an emergency.

Transfer Switch Maintenance Helps Keep the Power On

In addition to maintaining your commercial generator, you must maintain the switch responsible for transferring the power to it in an emergency. Generator transfer switches can manually or automatically switch the electrical load from the primary power source to the generator during a power outage. At GenServe, we sell, install and service open-transition, closed-transition, bypass-isolation and elevator-selector transfer switches as part of our promise to provide a full suite of backup power services. We have the switches to suit the needs of your company and to ensure the most seamless switchover during electrical outages.

Generator Fuel Polishing and Maintenance

Over time contaminants and sludge build up in the fuel tank of your backup power system. This foreign matter can clog filters, reduce engine performance, create carbon deposits, cause incomplete combustion and loss of power, and simply wear down fuel system components.

Fuel polishing removes these contaminants from the bottom of the tank and adds a fuel catalyst. The fuel is then circulated through a fuel conditioner and a series of filters that will clean and restore the fuel to a clear and bright condition — saving you fuel costs and ensuring the generator engine will operate efficiently at a moment’s notice.

AquaFighter: GenServe’s Fuel Maintenance Solution

Aquafighter® is, by a wide margin; the most effective, efficient, affordable and green solution for, preserving fuel quality and maintaining a clean tank at all times for continuous-use generators as well as intermittent-use back-up generators.

Learn more about AquaFighter here!

Uninterruptible Power Supply Services

Proper maintenance of the UPS and the generator, which act together as the heart of your emergency power backup system, keep power pumping through your buildings without a flicker.

GenServe can provide UPS Service as a part of any maintenance package.

Backup Commercial Generator Load Bank Testing

You don’t want to find out that your backup generator cannot handle the electrical load of your facility when you try to use it in an emergency. Through load bank testing, we can test your backup generator’s capabilities and make sure it will be prepared to handle the full force of your facility’s energy needs when needed.