Generator Services

Maintenance & Repair

GenServe performs a 105 point comprehensive inspection of the emergency power supply system following NFPA 110 chapter 8 guidelines and can make all needed repairs. This inspection covers all the systems of the EPSS: lubricating, air, fuel, cooling, exhaust, battery, generator, generator controls and safety system, EPSS room air inlet and exhaust.

Major Overhauls

The overhauls we perform restore engines to OEM operating specifications. While performing engine overhauls, GenServe refers to the OEM critical parts list to install only those parts that are approved to ensure the engine performs to OEM specifications including injectors, pistons, turbochargers, fuel pump calibrations, and spark plugs on gas engines. GenServe also overhauls generators, generator control panels, and switchgear, repairing them to OEM specifications.

Load Bank Testing

GenServe provides load bank testing in accordance with NFPA 110 Chapter 8 to properly test the prime mover, generator and ancillary equipment to support the EPSS. (For diesel engines a reduction in wet-stacking is a direct benefit.)

All makes and models

We work on all generator make and models. Our technicians are broad based and have the knowledge to work on all make engines, generators, controls, and switchgear. (Technicians are supplied with updated software and technical manuals for service access)

Generator Rentals

20kW to 2000kW

GenServe can supply rental generators for any emergency stand-by application and can provide qualified personnel able to manage hook-ups and disconnects.


Our inventory of various size and type cabling can provide the proper connections during emergencies


GenServe can provide transportation of rental units to any location upon request.