Air Travel

Air travel is essential for millions of people for business and pleasure needs. Travelers depend on a continuous source of electrical power to ensure safety and dependability of systems and operations at airports across the world.  Unexpected power outages no matter how long or brief can affect and inconvenience passengers and even put life safety at risk. Supplying uninterrupted power to airports is critical.

The Importance of Reliable Backup Power at Airports for Safety, Security and Convenience

Airports depend on backup power generators when utility power fails due to weather, major events or human error.

As Airports continue to expand and update all systems and equipment to meet the demand of today’s digital and technological world, generators need to meet their constantly changing power requirements in case of emergencies.

For traffic control towers working around the clock, even a brief interruption of power can result in the loss of communications, lights, instrumentation and put life safety at risk.

Passengers need the use of computers and systems at kiosks for check-ins, ticket purchases or baggage drop-off

TSA employees need to screen passengers prior to entering the secure gate areas and check-in passengers before boarding. 

Restaurants need continuous power to power lights, provide food and process transactions.

Today, most Air-Trams use electrical power to function, and these are essential in bringing travelers to their gates, baggage claim or parking garages.

Elevators, baggage carousels, escalators, bathrooms, vending machines, and moving walkways all need constant electricity to function properly.

These are sone of the main reasons why backup power generators are critical at airports.

They need to be maintained on a regular basis and repaired promptly if needed.

GenServe's Capabilities

At GenServe, we know how to keep airports running 24/7 even when power loss occurs. We offer:

  • 24-hour emergency service, 365 days a year, 2hr response time, rain or shine.
  • Technicians located throughout New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas and Florida.
  • Fleet of 100+ technicians equipped with fully stocked vans.
  • Portable rental services.
  • Equipment Sales with faster lead times.