Educational Facilities

Educational Institution Facilities

Schools, colleges, universities, and other educational institutions typically have numerous systems powered by electricity. Unexpected power failure can cause inconveniences and put life safety at risk. Some of the systems include heating and cooling, ventilation, fire alarms, computer networks, research equipment, data storage, lighting, security, elevators, access doors, and phone networks among more. All these systems play a crucial role in ensuring the comfort and safety of occupants and facilitating the students’ education. Without a reliable backup power source, a school may be forced to shut down in the middle of the day leading to interruptions in school studies and activities. This can compromise the safety of the kids and require students to be picked up early – which can be a logistical nightmare for both parents and school authorities. For colleges and universities, a power outage could result in lost time, data and damaged equipment and interference with ongoing experiments.

With so much at stake, many educational facilities are relying on high kilowatt generators to provide the necessary emergency backup power needed. Backup power generators can ensure critical systems continue to function during an unexpected power outage, until normal power is restored.

Schools that are not ready and prepared for unexpected power loss have been affected numerous times.

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Immediate Emergency Response

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